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In collaboration with Fuuyu Okamoto, Japanese Textile Artist

The collaboration started from Fuuyu Okamoto’s work in progress in her textile design. She was inspired by the word "Stardusts". She notices that evidence and history of being used by people from the wrinkles of textiles. She also has found the search for textile wrinkles similar to looking for stars in the night sky. And, she draws the shapes along the textile wrinkles.

Tharadon as a spatial designer and installation artist is really inspired by Fuuyu Okamoto’s technique. He uses this as a starting point to create the pattern of wrinkles in space and harmonize Fuuyu Okamoto’s work by using an aluminum sheet. During the design process, He has learned from Fuuyu Okamoto that sometimes we have negative thoughts about wrinkles, but we can turn it into art and positive way.

Fuuyu Okamoto’s painting on fabric

conceptual rendering

Spacial Thanks: 

Fuuyu Okamoto
Erik Aronsso
Alma Braun

Khartoum Contemporary Art Center, Oslo

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